Custom Creations

Custom orders are always an option. We strive to create just the right piece for every order. When inquiring about a custom order, please be as specific as possible in your description and include reference photos if necessary. Please send any inquiries and reference photos to We make every effort to provide timely responses, and will usually reply within 24 hours.


Pricing is determined on a piece by piece basis. Pricing will depend on the amount of material needed, the difficulty of the design, time needed to complete the piece, and any additional materials or supplies that may be needed. We will generally include at least a ball park estimate with our initial response to your inquiries. This estimate is usually very close to the final pricing, and generally only changes if there is clarification on the design based on communication during the design process. Whatever the final price is, it will be confirmed before production begins.


All payments are currently processed through Etsy with a Paypal account to ensure the security and peace-of-mind of both buyer and seller. Though Etsy does have direct credit card payment options, this is not currently an option for Kiki's Custom Creations.

Placing a Custom Order

All custom orders and sales are completed through Etsy, to ensure the security and peace-of-mind of both buyer and seller. Once communication about the design and price has completed, we begin production of your custom order. This order will then be placed as a reserved listing on Etsy, and the link will be sent to you. This link will include photos of your finished product for your approval. Once payment has been received, your order will be shipped.


On occasion, a non-refundable deposit may be required. This will generally only be in the case of very large, or time consuming pieces, or pieces that require new materials to be purchased. If a deposit is required, it will be clearly communicated. A reserved listing for the deposit amount would then be posted on Etsy. Once payment has been received, production will begin. Upon completion of the piece, a second listing will be posted for the remaining balance due. Once payment for the remaining balance has been paid, the order will be shipped.